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Invoice Management lifecycle

Stampli Invoice Management

Stampli is Invoice Management all your users will love, not just your Accounts Payable (AP) department. Stampli tailors the invoice management experience for each stakeholder involved throughout the invoice lifecycle: AP staff, Approvers, Management, Controllers, CFOs and even your Vendors.

Our built-in communications hub connects to each invoice making invoice management effortless by allowing stakeholders to collaborate and get questions answered quickly.

Invoice processing times are 5x faster because the right information is presented to the right person at the right time so they can make the right decision. A full history of all conversations and invoice actions lives with the invoice, making it readily available for audit.

Automated invoice management software reduces the time spent on manual, time-consuming processes by utilizing Stampli’s AI, Billy the Bot, to automate GL-coding, approval selection, notifications, and duplicate identification.

Stampli fits into your existing process and accounting systems so organizations can automate without the need to retrain an entire organization. Integrations are available for popular ERPs, including Oracle NetSuite, Sage Intacct, QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and more.

The Invoice Management Approach

Intelligent & Adaptable
  • Flexible Invoice Management Software 
  • Invoice Data Capture & GL Coding in Real-Time
  • Efficiently Scale to Meet Growth with Minimal Impact on Headcount
  • Supports Financial System Changes
P2P Control & Accountability
  • Context-Related, Unified Invoice Communications
  • Gain Control with Management Dashboards
  • Mitigate Mistakes, Fraudulent or Duplicate Payments
  • One-Click Access to Audit Trails
Intuitive & Effortless
  • Get Set Up in Weeks, not Months with No IT work required
  • Use with Any P2P process 
  • Works with Existing Applications to Leverage Current and Future Investments
  • Intuitive interface for all users

Invoice Management Software Capabilities


Segregation of Duties (SOD)

Deploy internal controls and deter fraud by using standard and customizable user permissions and roles.


Collaboration Hub

Connect all stakeholders to with context-related, unified communication on top of the invoice.


Smart AP Processing

Automate invoice data capture, coding, and approval workflows with advanced invoice management technologies.


Intuitive Interface

Modern UI easy for all with contextual, role-specific dashboards available anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Management Dashboard

Gain full visibility into invoice management processes with a bird’s-eye view into status, metrics, and reporting.


Payment Freedom

Choose how to pay vendors using any payment systems with ability to reflect payment information in Stampli.


Frictionless Integration

Seamlessly integrate your invoice management data with your accounting or financial system without IT support.


Setup & Support

Customer Success is here to assist with an easy and quick setup process with around the clock support.

Invoice Management Product Comparisons

2024 AP Automation Solution satisfaction scores

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Reports for Invoice Management Software

G2 Report for AP Automation and Invoice Management Software Report

Learn why Stampli is named to G2’s Leader Quadrant for AP Automation Software and Invoice Management Software for Winter 2020.

Download this report to learn why customers love Stampli and how AP Automation software can streamline Invoice Management processes. In this report, you will uncover: 

  • The G2 Grid® for Invoice Management, in addition to the G2 Grid® for AP Automation
  • Invoice Management Satisfaction Ratings
  • Implementation Index and ROI for Invoice Management Software
  • Invoice Management Product Comparisons
  • Invoice Management Customer Testimonials
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Invoice Management Software FAQs

What is Invoice Management software?

Invoice management is a back-office function within the procurement process performed by the accounts payable department. The accounts payable department performs invoice management to resolve a businesses liabilities (or debts) which usually come in form of vendor invoices and uses software to facilitate invoice processing. 

The Invoice Management process steps are the following:
1. Intake of vendor invoices or bills (electronic or physical) into the software
2. Extract invoice or bill information to match General Ledger codes
3. Match the invoice information to Purchases Order when applicable
4. Verify the goods or services listed have been fulfilled
5. Process the invoice for payment
6. Mark invoice as paid when payment has been made
7. Achieve invoices within the software for audit or later reference 

What are the benefits of Invoice Management software?

There are many benefits to using software to facilitate invoice management for your business. Using Stampli AP Automation for invoice management you can:

– Process invoices fast
– Route and approve invoices from anywhere
– Defend against duplicate invoices 
– Be in control with fraud detection dashboards

How does Invoice Management software handle verifications and approvals?

Yes, invoice management includes the verification process of an invoice to ensure it’s valid in addition to obtaining the necessary approvals from the invoice owner or owners, and sometimes management. With Stampli invoice management software, all information that’s required to manage an invoice is presented on the invoice page itself. By having all the information presented in one location, we find this makes it easy for users to approve invoices or provide supplementary information which can lead to a faster decision.

How does Invoice Management software work?

Invoice management is a streamlined process where the vendor invoices or bills are captured, coded, and routed for approval with advanced AP Automation software technologies. Accounts payable confirms the goods/services have been fulfilled and the information is accurate including required approvers. With Stampli, invoice management is centralized with all communications taking place through the Collaboration Hub on top of the invoice itself. Invoices that are approved from the invoice authorizes, are then processed for payment. 

Does Invoice Management help prevent fraud?

It sure does. Invoice management from Stampli empowers AP departments to follow a three-pronged approach to substantially reduce the risk of fraud.​
1. Invoice management keeps your accounting system as the one source of truth
2. In addition to the approvers, invoice management software allows for the people involved in the transaction to participate in the process​ as well
3. Invoice management software from Stampli institutes segregation of duties

Is it secure to use software for Invoice Management processes?

Yes. Stampli takes the security of your invoice management processes and information very seriously. Stampli invoice management software is certified compliant with rigorous security standards, such as SOC 2 Type 2 listed among others in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Can Invoice Management software prevent duplicate invoices?

While research shows that an overwhelming number of duplicate invoices are being paid by every company every year. While most accounting systems only look at the invoice reference number to identify duplicates, Stampli invoice management software applies a sophisticated algorithm that identifies suspected duplicates, then presents them to AP alongside the originals for inspection. This algorithm dramatically reduces the chances of processing a duplicate.

Should I expect faster processing with Invoice Management software?

Yep! Stampli allows the invoice management process to run 5X faster. This enables your accounts payable team to perform at their highest potential. In addition, you can avoid long approval processes that result in headaches for AP, late payment fees, and frustrated vendors. With an invoice management solution that enables true collaboration between everyone involved in the conversation, and artificially intelligent coding assistance from Billy the Bot, AP can achieve maximum efficiency.​

Does Invoice Management software work with other systems?

API integrations connect directly to any accounting, financial, or ERP system. With Stampli, API integrations are made to ensure constant data flow between the integrated systems. 

How much does Invoice Management software cost?

In short, it depends. Costs can vary from the number of advanced users, invoices processed each month, and other factors such as an ERP or accounting software integration. On the other hand, automated invoice management software will lower the cost to process an invoice when compared to a manual process.

How does Invoice Management software save time?

Here’s how Stampli’s invoice management software can save your business both time and money:
1. No more chasing invoice approvals with lengthy email threads and calls
2. No more time spent archiving physical paper invoices, then retrieving them for reference
3. No more stressful audit preparations
4. Super-fast coding with Stampli’s intelligent assistant, Billy the Bot
5. Avoid duplicate payments
6. Easily capture early payment discounts, and avoid late payments

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