SIMA Streamlines Processes by Eliminating Unnecessary Paperwork


SIMA Corporation is a private real estate investment firm that specializes in the acquisition and management of real estate opportunities. Sima was looking for a modern, digital accounts payable automation solution that would eliminate manual paperwork and easily integrate with SAGE 100.


Using Stampli’s AI to immediately extract invoice data and identify GL-codes and approvers, SIMA property managers were able to streamline the invoice approval process.  This allowed AP to process the invoices without a lot of back and forth. Best of all, Stampli integrates with SAGE 100 giving SIMA easy access to invoice history, including invoice images.

Stampli has allowed us to completely streamline our AP process by reducing a ton of unnecessary paperwork. It allows the property manager to do most of the work up front so that by the time an invoice reaches Accounts Payable, it’s been through a complete approval process and there is no guesswork. On top of making AP much simpler, we’ve integrated Stampli with SAGE 100 so that the AP record retains a link back to Stampli so we can see the original image and the entire history of every payable.

— James Piper
SIMA Management Corporation
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