AP Automation Success: The Story Behind the Numbers

Accounts Payable Automation Case Studies

Seeing is believing. 

We’ve all heard this maxim hundreds of times, but when it comes to accounts payable automation, it rings especially true. 

At Stampli, we’ve written a lot of content around the benefits of AP automation, the ROI your organization can expect, and even how to work with the management team on implementation

On the other hand, there’s no better proof for the efficacy of AP automation than seeing what other organizations similar to yours have accomplished by implementing a best-in-class AP automation platform.

ap automation case studies

In this blog, we list 10 Case Studies from Stampli customers and outline the problems they’ve solved, the benefits of invoice automation, and insights into their implementations and invoice management workflows. Let’s jump into the real-world applications of AP automation within organizations from several different industries. 

1. Purple Speeds Invoice Processing

Purple is an innovative comfort product company that designs and manufactures products to improve people’s lives. It designs and manufactures a range of comfort products, including mattresses, pillows, and cushions, using its patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer® material designed to improve comfort.

Challenge and Solution

Purple originally encouraged its vendors to send their invoices to a specialized AP email inbox and had two AP team members slog through the invoices manually on a weekly pay run. This created a huge backlog of unpaid invoices, but more importantly, there was no central system to manage everything and many invoices were improperly documented. 


Upon implementing the Stampli AP automation platform, Purple was able to: 

  • Reduce invoice backlog by 50% in 3 months
  • Eliminated paying duplicate invoices
  • 63% faster invoice approvals
  • Properly documenting 100% of invoices
  • Returned valuable time to overworked AP team

“With Stampli we have reduced the time to process invoices from 8 days to 3 days. One of the areas in which we’ve saved the most time is in getting invoices into the system. The second area in which we’ve dramatically reduced time is in getting approvals.” 

– Peter Taylor, Corporate Controller

Read the full case study here

2. CTI Increases AP Productivity 40%

CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services (CTI) is a global, privately held, full-service contract research organization (CRO), delivering a complete spectrum of clinical trial and consulting services throughout the lifecycle of development, from concept to commercialization. 

Challenge and Solution

CTI had recently implemented a new financial system in order to capture invoices and make payments electronically. Unfortunately, the invoice approval process was still manual, and the rapid company growth buried the AP team and invoice approvers in paperwork. 

Stampli was flexible enough to fit into their existing AP processes (including integrating with Sage Intacct) while also allowing streamlined collaboration between AP team members and approvers elsewhere in the company. 


  • Processing 500-600 invoices per month with a small AP team
  • 100% paperless processing
  • 40% increase in accounts payable productivity

“Our CFO is happy to no longer go through mountains of paperwork to approve payments – now she can quickly view invoices and approve them all within Stampli.” 

– Marty Budke, Director of Finance and Accounting

Read the full case study here.

3. Renova Energy Reduces Invoice Processing Time by 50%

Renova Energy is an employee-owned company that delivers practical, sustainable solar energy production and battery storage to residential and commercial customers.

Challenge and Solution

During a period of growth, Renova upgraded their financial system to NetSuite. Unfortunately, their AP team was manually processing more than 700 invoices a month and spending 80% of their time on data entry and tracking down approvals. 

Implementing Stampli eliminated hundreds of hours of manually coding, verifying, and approving invoices. With seamless integration with Oracle NetSuite and two-way data sync, their payments are now processed accurately and automatically, all with a clear audit trail. 


  • 50% time savings in accounts payable
  • Increased on-time payments
  • Enhanced collaboration

“A lot of times, accounting does not know who needs to be involved with an invoice. Stampli makes it easy for anyone to be involved.”

– Andrea Monteiro, Accounting Manager

Read the full case study here.

4. Techstars Reduces AP Processing Time by 75%

Techstars is a worldwide network and accelerator that helps startups and entrepreneurs succeed.

Challenge and Solution

Like many of the startups it serves, Techstars needed to scale. In this case, they needed a way to be able to handle an increased volume of invoices without adding overhead. 

With Stampli, the artificial intelligence helper, Billy the Bot, was able to learn their patterns and increase their ability to onboard users and process invoices.


  • Reduced AP process time by 75%
  • Reduced user onboarding time from 20 minutes to 30 seconds

“It’s incredible how quickly the Artificial Intelligence Assistant (Billy the Bot) learns our patterns! I also love the flexibility of the system, such as being able to add a note even after the bill has been pushed to Sage Intacct

I’m just thrilled at the ease of use. Switching to Stampli was the best decision we made all year!”

– Teddi Patchett, Senior Accountant

Read the full case study here.

5. SIMA Eliminates Manual Invoice Processes 

SIMA Corporation is a private real estate investment firm that specializes in the acquisition and management of real estate opportunities. 

Challenge and Solution

SIMA was looking for an AP automation platform that would: 

  1. Eliminate manual paperwork
  2. Integrate with Sage 100

With Stampli, they found both and were able to streamline their entire invoice process including the digital storage and audit trail of invoices. 


  • Create streamlined AP workflows
  • Maintain invoice history and audit trail (including invoice images)

“On top of making AP much simpler, we’ve integrated Stampli with Sage 100 so that the AP record retains a link back to Stampli so we can see the original image and the entire history of every payable.”

– James Piper, Director of Operations

Read the full case study here

6. REVOLVE Reduces Invoice Processing by 80%

REVOLVE is an e-commerce powerhouse and fashion retailer of trendy women’s apparel. As a trusted, premium lifestyle brand, and a go-to online source for discovery and inspiration, REVOLVE delivers an engaging customer experience from a vast yet curated offering totaling over 45,000 apparel, footwear, accessories and beauty styles.

Challenge and Solution

Processing invoices was a tedious task that literally took the whole AP team to complete. This resulted in a lengthy AP process that was prone to errors. Upon implementation of Stampli, REVOLVE was able to process the same amount of invoices with only a single AP team member. This gave REVOLVE’s AP team more headway to focus efforts on other areas.


  • Reduced invoice processing time by 80%
  • Improved collaboration within its AP department

“The task of processing invoices used to involve the whole department working manually, which took time and resulted in errors. Now, everything is completed in ⅕  of the time and is managed by one person.”

– Diana Tabatabai, International Project Manager

Read the full case study here

7. Spanish Fork City Transforms Invoice Processing

Spanish Fork is situated in central Utah, and is a community that strives to maintain a high quality of life in addition to environment for working, recreating and enjoying life.

Challenge and Solution

Spanish Fork City has worked for years to make sure it has the ability to accommodate growth, but only one person was charged with sending 1,200+ invoices per month to the right approvers. Spanish Fork City didn’t have an AP process to accommodate growth and when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the City’s finance director started looking for an AP solution to automate the process.


  • 2X reduction in the invoice lifecycle
  • Automated expense allocation across departments
  • 12X reduction in the time to get authorized invoices into Caselle

Before Stampli, accounting would put invoices into approvers’ in-boxes at the beginning of the week, but usually didn’t have approval until the end of the following week. Now invoices are easily scanned and sent to Stampli on the day of receipt.

– Kent Clark, Finance Director

Read the full case study here.

8. MEC Gains Collaborative Invoice Management Environment

Midwest Environmental Control is a nationally recognized environmental remediation and demolition contractor that has solved difficult environmental projects for its clients.

Challenge and Solution

MEC wanted a tool that fit their collaborative culture that would also give them better visibility into their AP processes and timelines. With Stampli, the MEC AP team and approvers can have ‘conversations’ directly on top of the invoice, allowing them to collaborate with context—as opposed to forgotten email attachments and in-person conversations. 


  • Implemented a collaborate invoice processing workflow
  • Improved relationships with vendors
  • Increased visibility into accounts payable

“The increased visibility has improved our relationships with vendors and between our team members internally. At MEC, we believe that a collaborative environment is a key to success, and Stampli has helped us to achieve this with our invoices as well.”

– Braulio Rincon, Human Resources

Read the full case study here.

9. LTC Consulting Gains a Competitive Edge 

LTC Consulting provides Skilled Nursing Facilities with a complete suite of critical finance, billing and business office management services.

Challenge and Solution

Because of the nature of its business, LTC was looking for a way to give multiple clients a smooth and cohesive AP process that was also uniform—all within a single tool. With Stampli, they found exactly what they were looking for and didn’t have to invest in an array of software programs to fit their multiple clients. 


  • Successfully integrated Sage Intacct
  • Used analytics to better understand client needs

“The integration with Sage Intacct was so easy, and the system is very user-friendly which is important because we work with so many people. There are so many people that touch each invoice during the process, and each one of them is being positively affected with Stampli.”

– Sara Rockove, Senior Finance Manager

Read the full case study here.

10. Atlantic Coast Brands Gains Full Control of Invoice Process

Atlantic Coast Brands creates iconic beauty brands by developing scientifically advanced clinically tested products designed to deliver real results for its more than 10 Million customers worldwide. 

Challenge and Solution

ACB was seeking an AP software solution to provide control and accountability over their procure-to-pay processes. With Stampli, they received the control they needed to manage their invoice processing from start to finish. 


  • Improved collaboration with other departments
  • Invoices take a lot less time to review and approve
  • Dashboards provide deeper insight into delays and bottlenecks

“Stampli has helped us collaborate with other departments for approving invoices and then corresponding with questions regarding discrepancies. It has improved our control over whom has responsibility and ownership of the invoice throughout the approvals process.”

– Nicholas Leiva, Accountant

Read the full case study here

Reading about how everyone else solved their AP issues is great, but would like to know how your AP-related problems can be solved? Make an appointment to talk with one of our AP heroes today! 

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