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11 hours ago
Our latest podcast episode features Jason Lin, CFO at @Centage, as he shares what FP&A success looked like before COVID-19 and how that is evolving as the impacts of the global pandemic continue to unfold.
1 day ago
Curious how the #FutureOfWork is expected to take shape? Our latest article compares traditional environments from before #COVID19 & contrasts it to our current #RemoteReality, then we dive into how finance can drive productivity from any location.
2 days ago
Success in #finance is driven by many factors which can be referred to as dimensions. These dimensions help the office of the #CFO deliver success by communicating with impact, identifying key motivators, and welcoming a culture of innovation. Learn more:
3 days ago
While there’s been a growing attention paid to mitigating #invoiceprocessing costs, many companies lack the visibility required to optimize when and how they pay their vendors. In this guide, we share 5 tips to facilitate #control over payments:
4 days ago
If communicating with your team or prospective customers has been a challenge recently, here are a few tips to help optimize those conversations you can’t have in person:

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1 week ago
Prior to Stampli, @Purple was manually processing a myriad of invoices and bills from its vendors. Since the company brought automation to the accounts payable department, the AP team reduced the backlog and has now properly documented all of its invoices.